About us

IGas Energy Plc is one of the UK’s leading onshore hydrocarbon producers, delivering natural gas and crude oil to the energy market.

We explore and develop gas and oil reserves at onshore locations in the East Midlands and across a wide area of southern England. We have the benefit of an onshore drilling team that has decades of experience of the fields we are now working. This means we are ideally placed to exploit prolific and lower-cost hydrocarbon fields that will contribute to Britain's energy security while at the same time delivering value to our investors. More detailed information about the company is available from our website.

We have set up the IGas Community Fund because we recognise that, in helping to satisfy society’s energy needs, our activities have the potential to affect our neighbours. We accept the responsibility to minimise those impacts and to operate in a socially and environmentally acceptable manner. But we also recognise that a good corporate neighbour is one who contributes to the wider well-being of the community. The fund is a practical way of providing such support.

Onshore oil extraction
Onshore oil extraction takes place over wide areas of the UK
IGas Energy

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